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Eva K. Bradshaw
13 January
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E.K. Bradshaw -- Occasional Weekend God
Greetings, one and all! My name is Eva, otherwise known as E.K. Bradshaw, and this is my life. In this journal, you will find the bits and pieces of things that make up the enigma, the insanity, the Occasional Weekend GOD that is me.

I’m 23 years old, but I feel a lot older a lot of times. I’m a veterinary technician and I dig my job most of the time. I’m an odd, somewhat eccentric girl who likes her dogs more than some people--and I love life so long as it loves me.

'I'm too drunk, to taste this chicken.'
I have many loves, among them writing, music, movies, books, tea and Alexander Siddig--who is, in my humble opinion, THE sexiest individual on the face of the planet. I’m addicted to slash fan fiction, 24, chai, and foreign pop music--particularly in Arabic, Turkish and French. I love, love, LOVE me some good old fashioned metal. I adore Alabama football. My favorite band of all time is Metallica. My three favorite movies of all time are Independence Day, Die Hard and Syriana.

Recently, I've gotten into the world of Star Trek, and am greatly enjoying my stay. :)

Things that really grind my gears include, but are not limited to, my ex, immaturity, stereotyping, homophobia, intolerance, stupid people, Ann Coulter and neocons. Oh, and when people spell “sandwich” with an extra “h.” I can’t stand that.

+ Other Stuff +
In my spare time, I enjoy writing, mainly short stories and novels of the fan fiction sort. I write a lot of slash. I mean, a LOT of slash. If you’re at all offended by the idea of attractive men canoodling or getting it on, subtext, or even the French, this is not the place for you. Change course, FULL SPEED AHEAD, LAD.

Oh, there is also Pope Slash hidden within the archives of this journal. Yes, THAT KIND of Pope Slash. Something you’ll have to come to terms with it. If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t raise a stink--you have been clearly warned.

Glad that's out of the way! :) If you're still here, I'm quite ecstatic. Feel free to add me to your friends if you see me worthy--just try to leave a comment. You know, so I know who the hell you are. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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