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Fanmix: WWE -- The Shield -- [R]evolution

Medium: TV
Fandom: WWE
Subject: The Shield
Title: [R]evolution
Notes: A few tunes to play in the background when you're planting your combat boots solely in the posterior region of injustice. BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD! :) All tracks are mp3 format in a ZIP file. Featuring songs by Rise Against, The Offspring, 12 Stones, Rev Theory, Imagine Dragons and more. Drop me a line if snagging!

 photo CoverFrt_zpsb99e33d8.jpg

 photo CoverBack_zps91fbcff4.jpg

01 satellite | rise against
Because we won't back down
We won't run and hide
‘Cause these are the things that we can't deny
I'm passing over you like a satellite
‘Cause these are the things that we can't deny now
This is a life that you can't deny us now

02 the catalyst | linkin park
We're a broken people living under loaded gun.
And it can't be outfought,
It can't be outdone,
It can't be outmatched,
It can't be outrun

03 you're gonna go far, kid | the offspring
With a thousand lies
And a good disguise
Hit ‘em right between the eyes
When you walk away
Nothing more to say
See the lightning in your eyes
See ‘em running for their lives

04 crash | fit for rivals
Don't know where I'm going
Everybody's running, everybody's running
Come back after all is broken
Everything is burning, no one is returning

05 generation | simple plan
What you gonna do, what you gonna say
When we're standing on top and do it our way
You say we got no future
You're living in the past
So listen up, that's my generation

06 radioactive | imagine dragons
I raise my flags, don my clothes
It's a revolution, I suppose

07 we are one | 12 stones
We walk alone
In the unknown
We live to win another victory
We are the young
Dying sons
We live to change the face of history

08 i'm alive | shinedown
I'm alive, I'm alive
Well you're dead inside
I'm a slap in the face
To your lullaby
Got you all tongue tied
'Cause you're living a lie, my friend

09 me against the world | simple plan
I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I've got to prove them wrong
They'll never bring us down
We'll never fall in line

10 riot | three days grace
If you feel so angry
So ripped off, so stepped on
You're not the only one
Refusing to back down
You're not the only one
So get up
Let's start a riot

11 you vs me | ashes of soma
You’re all just the same
Don’t get in my way
Stay out of my face
And know that you’ll never keep up with my pace
You’re fading away
You’ve just been erased

12 enemy within | rev theory
Ain’t got nothing to fake
Ain’t got nothing to prove
Another loose cannon
I’m a bad motherf*cker
And I ain’t got nothing to lose

I don’t need your hidden agenda
I don’t need you’re trying to sell
All I see is another pretender
Sit back and watch me set the world on fire

13 we're all gonna burn for this | i spy strangers
We are the proud
Who dare to take on the throne for the crown
We are on fire
So let's burn this city to the ground
Dirty tricks and filthy minds
We sold our souls for the time of our lives

14 justice | rev theory
So you're somebody who brags about their innocence
While playing on the ignorant storm
Now I'm just here to criticize the lies

I want justice, I want you overthrown
I want courage, I want to stand alone
I want your arrogance and I want your pain
I want your everything and I want your head

15 the threat | skid row
Won't beg, won't bleed
The end of sacrifice is a threat to society
Hard line, you'll see
Once you've made a mark you've made a threat to society

16 i am bulletproof | black veil brides
The world's a gun and I've been aiming all my life
Got something to live for, I know that I won't surrender
A warrior of youth
I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order

17 riot, riot, upstart | agnostic front
Say you got two friends so tight with them
See them all running
They all want revenge
See them on the street
See them all around
Upset the system
Gonna burn it down

18 undaunted | adrenaline mob
I stand undaunted
You’re gonna see
I am undaunted
Don't look back, just walk away

19 natural high | the union underground
I'm not your savior no f*ckin' lie
I'd kill myself to stay alive
Forget the future regret the past
No present tense is gonna last

20 counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums | a perfect circle
Count the bodies like sheep
Count the bodies like sheep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums


DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e6zxqx


Jun. 14th, 2013 06:50 am (UTC)
Fantastic, snagging
Thanks, I needed a mix like this.

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